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Newfrontiers in and around Zimbabwe

This video was prepared for Newday and shown to some 7000 Newfrontiers young people at their summer camp. I'm so thrilled that they had the opportunity to be exposed to this superb work. Please take a moment to watch it. You will be inspired.


Spirit-Filled Church weekend at the Wirral

From the outset at such a friendly Friday evening meal with the Leaders and wives, I knew we were in for a good weekend at Jubilee Church Wirral.  I am always fascinated to see how often Newfrontiers churches have international representation in their leadership team.  On this occasion from Nigeria and even from the Newfrontiers church in Helderberg, Cape Town, South Africa.
On the Saturday morning Dave Frodsham who leads the church, originally planted out from the Newfrontiers Jubilee church Liverpool, took me to the recently acquired former Anglican Church, now their Jubilee Centre, a great facility to host their church.

Jubilee Centre
People where gathering from a number of local churches and from as far a field as Wrexham in North Wales and from our new church plant in Chester.
Waiting for things to start I was plunged into a variety of enjoyable conversations.  Dear friends who were members of my first church in Seaford, Sussex suddenly appeared, a colleague from London Bible college, now a Church of England minister, guys who remembered my preaching and even leading worship at the Dales Bible Week back in the 1980’s!  Also, a lady from the Newfrontiers Gateway church Dubai.  Another said how much Wendy had helped her through prophecy and counsel when we were in Durban, South Africa.
One couple told me that they had given up on church until they stumbled on the BBC programme of live worship on Pentecost Sunday from CCK Brighton and said if we can find a church like that we will go again.  Now they are enthusiastic members of our Chester church plant, Freedom Church Chester.  I must confess that I love just mingling with the people of God and hearing their stories.
The place was packed and we enjoyed the Lord’s presence in some great worship and then got down to our theme of the Spirit-Filled Church, noting among other things that the local church is not a group of people clinging to a fading memory of what it was like when Jesus used to be around.  No, by the Holy Spirit we celebrate his presence now.

worship 4
Nearly 50 people later testified to God’s touch after we prayed for the sick, including Ruth Barwick who spoke of 15 years of pain and having to “click her back about 20 times a day” and now writing to say since Saturday she is completely free from pain!  Others testified to significant healings.

After 3 sessions we enjoyed another evening meal with all those who had been involved in serving throughout the days program; more opportunity for great fellowship.
Chris Terry Dave 2
Sunday morning saw the winding up of our weekend together with a super response to the final word and another opportunity to lay hands on the sick and pray for God’s healing touch.  In the afternoon I flew back to London Heathrow - a happy and fulfilled man.



My visit to The Hague

I so enjoyed last weekend’s visit to the Redeemer International Church in The Hague and was encouraged to see its progress.

Chris and Karin
I first met Chris and Karin Taylor in Jubilee Community Church in Cape Town when Chris was leading the youth work of that exciting Newfrontiers church formerly led by Simon Pettit and now by Stephen Van Rhyn.  David Holden invited Chris to be under his wing at New Community Church in London for a year and then planted him to The Hague four years ago.
Newfrontiers has been involved in the Netherlands for many years and I am so grateful for the long-standing friendships expressed by those present at the meetings including Lydie Geurts, who has translated several of my books into Dutch and most recently ‘The Spirit-Filled Church’.
At a well attended Saturday morning leader’s event I was invited to speak on the vital themes of worship and prayer in the life of the leader and the local church.
In addition to Newfrontiers leaders from across the Netherlands, we were joined by church planters and leaders from other streams across the nation.
Seeing people respond to my sermon on a packed Sunday morning meeting was so encouraging.  Now, however, the church has a growing Sunday evening congregation with the potential for ever increasing impact in this important international city where ancient and modern are united in such pleasing and fascinating style.

Redeemer inside 4

What a joy also to see Matt and Jo Simmonds and their recently gathered team of church planters, who are involved in an Amsterdam church plant.  Things are on the move and major cities in Europe are being invaded with the gospel.  Following my recent visit to Stockholm, where there were church planters not only there in Sweden but also from Estonia, Latvia and Finland, I am more than encouraged to see how the Newfrontiers family is breaking out into city after city with the good news of Jesus.



The Spirit Filled Church
The Spirit Filled Church
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